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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #10

Train Your Game #10


Trouble Hitting Putts Solid?


Next time you get a chance to work on your putting try this simple exercise.

Alternate hitting "putts" with your putter, lob wedge, 8 iron, Hybrid, and 3 wood.


**When using other clubs it's helpful to hover the club above the ground so that it's easier to hit to the equator of the ball - this practice method will really help people that tend to have their putter move up and down to much in their stroke. The goal is not to let the ball get air-born but to keep it rolling along the ground.


Hit putts from 3-5 feet as well as 20 feet and beyond, while doing this you will really have to rely on your athleticism and hand eye coordination, something that many people forget when it comes to putting. Far to often people try to be too perfect when they putt rather than realize that it's just like any other shot in golf, and that it does require an athletic attitude.


Practice --


Set 3 tees on 2 sides of the hole ranging from 3-5 feet. Make 3 "putts" from each tee then switch clubs. At the end go back to your putter and feel the difference.


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Take Care and Go Low,


Spencer Dennis

(Owner / Golf Development Coach)

Journeyman Golf