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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #6

Train Your Game  #6

 Poor Weather ='s More Practice Swings!


The great thing about poor weather is that you can still get in some great reps with your swing; you don't always have to go to the course to improve.

 Set a goal for yourself to take 25-50 practice swings a day working on whatever changes you have been prescribed and you'll notice a huge difference the next time you hit the range.  Be sure though that each swing is to the best of your ability so that you’re simply not practicing bad habits.

During this time it will be helpful to make swings of different speeds (10%, 25%, 50% and so on) and swings with your eyes closed to really feel what your body is doing.  For most of us when we introduce the ball we can't feel anything because the ball becomes the focus.  

 Also put something on the ground to help you measure where you are bottoming out or striking the ground...the best players will hit the ground in the same spot every time ='s no chunks or thin shots!! 

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Take Care and Go Low,

 Spencer Dennis

(Owner / Golf Development Coach)

Journeyman Golf