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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #2

Train Your Game #2

Where is your ball Starting?

When practicing and preparing for your next round of golf be aware of where your ball is actually starting.  What do I mean?  In order to play consistently you need your ball to start on the line you are looking, from there, regardless of how much spin left or right is on the ball you can't get into to much trouble.  When was the last time you had a ball start down the middle of the fairway and then spin out of bounds?  Doesn't happen to often, right? -if ever.


Drill- Take two alignment rods and place them about 10 yards away directly in front of you and about 3-4 yards apart from one another.  From there work on getting the ball to start and fly through the gate that you have created 10x in a row.  You can do this with your full swing or even your other drills you may be working on.  This gate can also serve you very well when practicing hitting shots with shape on them. (draw/fade)


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Take Care and Go Low,


Spencer Dennis

Journeyman Golf