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StacieStrong 2nd Annual Golf Tournament + Afterparty
Come join us for our second annual StacieStrong golf tournament and after party! (Golf is not required to join afterparty!) The afterparty will include lunch, live band, silent auction, raffles and more!

When: Saturday, September 30th
Golf Shotgun Start: 8:30 AM
Afterparty: 1:00 - 6:00 PM
In September of 2020, Cody Willis and Stacie Athon professed their love to each other in front of friends and family. Their wedding day was the happiest day of their life as they looked into their promising future as one.

With complete and utter shock, the couple’s worlds were shattered just 10 days later. Stacie received news that she had a rare and extremely aggressive form of breast cancer, Triple Negative.

Days later the couple jumped into standard care treatments, doing everything they could to fight this horrible disease. Two years later, after chemotherapy, clinical trials, radiation, and multiple surgeries, Stacie was deemed cancer free.

Unfortunately, within a couple of months she started experiencing chest pressure and pain. Months went by as her standard care doctors and oncologist pushed it off as nothing. Until finally, six months later, they discovered two large masses in her lungs. Stacie was deemed Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer metastases to her lungs. Due to the size, aggression, and rapid reoccurrence, her oncologist told her and Cody there was nothing else they could do. They had tried everything with no results. Stacie was given a death sentence.

Stacie and Cody would not take this as their fate. They worked tirelessly trying to find someone or something that would give them hope. They were led to Doctor Virginia Von Schaefer in San Clemente, California. After a virtual consultation, they knew this was the hope they were looking for. Cody stayed in Oregon to hold down life and Stacie traveled to southern california and started treatment immediately.

Doctor Virginia Von Schaefer takes an integrative and specialized approach to cancer by treatment each body specifically for its needs. 

Stacie has been in Doctor Von Schaefer’s care since August, 2022; living in Southern California and receiving treatments 3-5 days a week. Because of the nature of this treatment, insurance does not recognize nor pay for any of it.

The treatment has cost the couple hundreds of thousands of dollars and they still have a ways to go. Their hope is to transition Stacie back home to Oregon in the near future where she will continue a maintenance regiment give to her by Doctor Von Shaefer. Though the financial burden is great, nothing compares to saving a life.

Read more on the Stacie Strong Website HERE.