Find US 4041 Highway 46 East Paso Robles, CA
Golf | RestaurantGolf: (805) 237-7444 | Restaurant: (805) 237-7440
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2018 Paso Robles City Championship Results

And the winners are...

Championship Flight

1st           Phil Henderson     146     $260             Dinner for Two at McPhee's Grill


T2            Brian Walker        149      $140/ea

                  Ricky Stockton

                       Jace Merlo

                  Keith Rodriquez

6th          Landon Polterock

Regular Net Flight

1st     Robert Rogers       128      $300                 Dinner for Two at McPhee's Grill

hr rogers

2nd    Matt Trevisan        135      $240

3rd    Tom Braun                136      $200

T4     Jerry Ralston           138      $145/ea

              Clay Davis

T6     Joseph Herold         139      $100/ea

           Mark Charmley

8th    Philip Angeles         141      $80

T9     Justin Gates              145      $50/ea

           David Chavez

Senior Championship Flight

1st    Clay Davis                  144      $240                   Dinner for Two at McPhee's Grill

hr clay


T2    Mark Sowlakis          147       $150/ea

          Matt Vukicevich

Players Club Net Flight

1st     Robert Rogers            Dinner for Two at McPhee's Grill

2nd    Matt Trevisan             Two free rounds of golf

3rd    Tom Braun                     One free round of golf

Players Club Senior Championship

1st     Clay Davis                     Dinner for Two at McPhee's Grill



We would like to thank Ian McPhee for donating dinners for two to McPhee's Grill in Templeton. He donated 5 dinners for two so the winner of each flight received one.