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Hunter Ranch Golf Course iPad and Mobile Apps!

Hunter Ranch Golf Course ( announces its new, dedicated mobile app by Gallus Golf and iPad app by Orange Club Media, offering advanced amenities to enhance golfers’ experience on the course. Free for download from both the Apple and Android App Stores, golf enthusiasts will now have a surplus of options at their fingertips, allowing for greater ease of scheduling and scorekeeping, access to exclusive offers and original content, and additional opportunities to enhance their experience both on and off the course.

Mobile Capabilities: Beginning with pre-game ease, the new mobile app will allow guests to book their tee time at Hunter Ranch at their leisure. Adding depth and skill to the game itself, the app will provide hole-by-hole GPS yardage and pro tips, a course tour with descriptions of each 18 holes and a section devoted to providing the latest news and exclusive offers for the course. Further improving the logistics of game play, live leader boards and digital scorecards are made readily available, and social media sharing opportunities will be optimized, as well. Finally, elevating the service level and overall experience at Hunter Ranch, mobile app users will also be able to view the restaurant’s menu and make an order for cart-side service or place reservations for a post-game meal or dinner that evening.

iPad Features: Separate from, but adding to, the mobile capabilities now available to the Hunter Ranch golfer, the iPad app truly brings the course to life. In addition to some overlapping functions with the mobile app – including scheduling tee times, Players Club membership information, The Grill menu and exclusive offers – where the iPad functionality soars is in its visual capabilities. The iPad app offers a complete course tour, stunning photography and instructional videos, and Facebook and Twitter news feed. For those planning their first trip to Hunter Ranch, along with regulars looking to improve their game, navigating the course is now a virtual possibility in preparation for an enhanced game on the course.

Click Here for the link to the iPhone app

Click Here for the link to the Droid app

Click Here for the link to the iPad app