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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #12

                                                                         Train Your Game

                                                                  Get Ready for the Course


Are you having trouble translating your range work onto the golf course?


All players at some point have difficulty taking their success on the range onto the golf course.  My experiences though as a player and as a coach show that the real issue is the player's inability to accurately measure success on the range. What do I mean?  Well for most of us we are lulled into a false sense of accomplishment on the range because we are hitting into an open area with no real target.  On top of that we use the same club over and over with little or no routine attached to it. To be clear though this process is perfectly fine when working on technical changes, the ball flight and routines are less important when making changes to positions and movement.  (See Periodization Phases here for more info)


After the work has been done on the swing and ball flight is becoming more repeatable it's time to shift the focus of the practice.  In simplest terms try to make the practice on the range and short game area as realistic to playing as possible.


Change targets as much as possible, going from left to right as well as short to long.  Change clubs every few shots, play holes on the range by selecting mock fairways and greens.  Most importantly go through your routines (Pre-shot, Execution, Post-Shot) for every swing to mimic the course.  Also do your best to add stress to your practice, create challenges and goals for every session before you are allowed to finish.  As Jack Nicklaus used to say, "Achieve then Leave."


Most importantly and I can't stress this enough is that understand where you are in the developmental process, it is crucial to grasp this so your measures of success are accurate.  Far too many of us expect changes in technique to come to quickly and scores to immediately go down.  There is a clear difference between swinging better and playing better.  Those of us who have learned how to score already will notice results faster vs those that haven't.  Keep things in perspective and your measure accurate and this game will be a whole lot more fun.


Extra Note - During a practice session I definitely encourage all my clients as they are ready to make the shift from technical work to playing to maintain balance. 

Ex. 2 hour session would include tech. drills in the beginning to get the body warmed up and on track followed by more game like practice to close it out and get ready to play.


Take Care and Practice Well,


Spencer Dennis

(Owner /  Golf Development Coach)

Journeyman Golf