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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #11

Train Your Game #11

Execution Routines

I have been on the road a lot recently caddying for some of my tournament players and a topic of conversation has come up many times, the topic of "Execution Routines".  If you don't know what that is, it is the moment you go from the planning stages (Pre-Shot) to walking up and striking the shot. 

There are a few key elements you want to to include in your routine that will help you stay athletic and react to the target.  We would like the feeling of merely reacting to the WHERE vs. thinking of the HOW when we are over the ball.

A good deep breath to separate the Pre-Shot and the Execution will signal you that it is time to start your approach and will help calm the nerves.  If you lose the breath then you will know that you are caught up in something other than the task at hand

Match your walking pace up to the ball with your natural swinging rhythm,  the tempo of your swing starts with the walk

Be sure line the club up to your target before your feet to ensure proper alignment

From there once your feet are set do your best to keep moving while over the ball, becoming to static will make it difficult to stay athletic.  Ex...waggle, move your feet a bit, look at target

Lastly, develop a consistent trigger that is your signal to start your swing.  The best players in the world take the same amount of time over the ball every time and have a very consistent method to start their swing


When on the range practice switching targets and implement your execution routine on every shot.  While doing so have a friend keep track the amount of time it takes from your BREATH to when you strike the shot.  If you can keep this time the same (Shorter the better) then you are on your way to having something strong to rely on under pressure.

Take care and go low,

Spencer Dennis

(Owner/Golf Development Coach)
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