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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #9

Train Your Game #9


Eyes Closed For Distance Control Practice

The next time you get a chance to go out and practice your putting try hitting some longer putts with your eyes closed. Why would you want to do this? By closing your eyes it enables you to gather a lot more information about what your body is doing in relationship with the stroke, like most practice methods we talk about here our goal is to help you create more self-awareness when it comes to your body and your game.

Drill - Set 1 tee at 10 feet, 20 feet and 30 feet away from you. Take 3 balls and hit 1 ball to each tee starting at the 20 foot range, then the 10 foot, then the 30 foot. While hitting these putts you will have your Eyes Closed until you feel the putt has stopped, at this point you will Guess whether or not you are short, right on, or long of your intended target.

(Important Note-Prior to closing your eyes be sure to gather the information needed by looking at your target during your set-up. Then close your eyes when you stroke the putt.)

It’s important to go out of order with the distance as described above so that you really have to work for the feel each time.

Goal - Every time you guess correctly give yourself a point, your goal will be to reach 10 points before you move on.

---Practicing this way will also help for those of you that tend to watch the putter swing back and through.

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Take Care and Go Low,

Spencer Dennis

Journeyman Golf

(Owner and Golf Development Coach)