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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #8

Train Your Game #8


The 9 Shots

Next time you get a chance to go out and practice let’s see if you have control over your swing as well as your golf ball. For me the purpose of an effective golf swing is to have a repeatable ball flight and that’s about it – all the rest is for looks.

Lee Trevino said “the person who can guess where the ball’s going more often than the other guy is usually going to win”.


So let’s use Mr. Trevino’s advice and see if you can hit the 9 shots. Take 9 balls and put them in sets of 3. The first 3 shots will all be hit LOW ( low fade, draw, and the dreaded straight ball ) The next 3 will be hit MEDIUM or NORMAL trajectory ( fade, draw and straight ) The next 3 will then be hit at a HIGH trajectory ( fade, draw and straight )

“In order to control distance one must control trajectory.”

The beautiful thing about practicing this drill is that no matter your skill level you will get great feedback on what shots you excel at and which you struggle with. By understanding your tendencies when you’re on the course you will have confidence in which shots to execute vs. not.

“Hit shots you know you can hit vs. shots you think you can hit”

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Good Luck and Go Low,

Spencer Dennis

Journeyman Golf

(Owner / Golf Development Coach)