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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #7

Train Your Game #7

Keep An Eye On Your Target For Solid Putting


Are you having problems controlling the distance of your putts? If so, keep and an eye on how much time you actually spend looking at your target. Most players I work with no matter the skill level spend far too much time looking at the ball rather then where they intend to stroke the putt.

Now to be clear, our “target” is very rarely the HOLE –most people that tend to look at the hole will not only have trouble controlling distance but will miss most breaking putts on the low side.

When practicing your speed make an effort to keep the percentage of 90% looking at the target and 10% looking at the ball. Another way to remember it would be to stare at the target and glance at the ball – most players do the opposite.

Drill—Hit 10 putts from 5 feet, 10 feet, and 20 feet all while looking at the target. Keep your eyes focused on where you want to go and don’t return your head to a standard address position. This will not only give you a great feel for the distance but will help if you have the tendency to watch your stroke.

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Take Care and Go Low,

Spencer Dennis

(Owner / Golf Development Coach)

Journeyman Golf