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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #5


Train Your Game #5

Are you talking to yourself?

If not, you might want to try it.  Next time you go out try being your own caddy.  Tell yourself "Out loud" in detail what you are trying to do with the shot before you get up and hit it.  By doing so you can paint a much clearer picture for what you're trying to achieve, you are now able to process the shot in 3 different ways; think it, say it, hear it - this will anchor you're decision deeper and allow you to commit on a much stronger level.  Our goal is to be more present and self-aware on the course.

"think about what you're thinking about"

Drill- While on the range hit 20 balls and call each shot before you hit them.  Be descriptive including trajectory, curve, and distance. Far to often our practice sessions are mindless and may actually be making us worse, let's spend our time effectively. It doesn't matter you're handicap or skill level, just give it a go.

With Friends- Play a little H-O-R-S-E with a slight golf tweak.  Call your shot, and if you pull it off your buddy has to do the same, or they get a letter.  The golf tweak is that if you don't pull it off either, you get a letter too.


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Take Care and Go Low, 


Spencer Dennis

Journeyman Golf