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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #4

Train Your Game #4

What do you think about Grip Pressure?

Most people understand they need good grip pressure but what does that mean to you?

For the players I work with I like to help them feel in control without creating tension.  Most would say that it is about a 5/6 out of 10.

Now here's the important part.  In order to keep the club on plane and in balance we want to try to maintain that same grip pressure throughout the swing.  A lot of our swing faults can be tied directly to changing grip pressure during the swing. 

Anybody Slice? Try to keep your 5/6 during your transition (backswing to downswing), you'll feel the club head better and the club will fall down to the inside vs going over the top.

Drill- Hit 20 balls only focusing on maintaining your grip pressure.  Feel that 5/6 out of 10 and keep it during the swing.  Don't worry about the ball flight or contact, clue into your hands and arms; building body awareness is your goal and your measure for confidence with this one.

You'll find with building this awareness that club starts to move faster through the hitting area equaling more distance.

"Effortless Power vs Powerless Effort"


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Take Care and Go Low,

Spencer Dennis

Journeyman Golf