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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #3

Train Your Game #3

Short Game Woes?


Next time you have a chance to hit some pitches or chips, lets isolate!  Practice these short shots off only your lead leg (left leg for right handers), this will help with balance and help create a solid impact position.  Be sure the ball position is just inside your front foot at set-up to insure proper balance and contact.

Some reasons you may want to try-

*Inconsistent Direction/Distance Control

*Poor Contact

*Poor Balance

*Poor Rhythm

Drill- Hit 10 balls off 1 leg then another 10 off two and do your best to mimic the feelings of the 1 leg shots. As you improve take this drill and bring the target more into focus, see how many out of 10 you can get within 3 feet.

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Take Care and Go Low,

Spencer Dennis

Journeyman Golf