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Train Your Game - Golf Tips #1

Train Your Game #1

Effective Putting Practice

Only have 10-15 minutes to practice putting?  Let’s spend this time wisely and work on building strength and awareness in our hands and arms.  For most of us our strokes aren’t “Tour Pure”, good news is that you’re probably closer than you think to getting that ball rolling end over end and making more putts.


Next time you practice try only using one hand at a time, making sure to get in the best posture and alignment that you can with both hands (important so you don’t sacrifice set-up and alignment for the drill), then remove one hand and make the stroke.  If you like you can put the other hand on the shoulder of the hand still on the putter to help feel what the shoulder joint is doing. At first the putter will feel a bit wobbly, but after a few strokes you’ll start to feel in more control.


This method will serve you in many ways:

  • Will show you which hand is the culprit when it comes to poor strokes
  • Help identify any Grip problems, most people that struggle with this exercise tend to have the putter Grip to much in the fingers, we want it more in the palm for control
  • Build strength in your hands and arms
  • Help create a nice even tempo - with only one hand on the club the putter head will have more weight to it allowing the club to swing due more to momentum than force




Take 3 tees and put them around the 4 sides of the hole starting from 3 feet, 4 feet, and 5 feet. From there see if you can make a putt from each tee using just your left arm, then your right arm and then both arms. (3 putts from each tee- then move)

By switching back and forth it will allow each arm to be trained how to work individually making it much easier for them to work as a unit when both hands are on the club.


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Take Care and Go Low


Spencer Dennis

Journeyman Golf