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The Winds of Change at Hunter Ranch

By Denise Bondurant
First Assistant PGA Professional

The winds of Paso Robles are not just a meteorological fact but are metaphorical as well.

The winds of change have arrived at Hunter Ranch as we actively recruit, involve, and interact with the ladies of the links. We have noticed a discernible lack of participation at Hunter Ranch from the ladies of the central coast, and we would like to bring ladies back to the wonderful game of golf.

Our First Assistant Golf Professional, Denise Bondurant, has begun a month-long series of clinics to entice our ladies to learn the game, become more golf comfortable or hone already existing skills. Although three of the eight clinics are completed, there are FIVE more available through the end of May. However…do not despair. Denise will continue to provide instruction and support throughout the year.

In addition to clinics specific to ladies, our desire is to develop a ladies day, time set aside for ladies to play 9 or 18 holes. Our ultimate goal is to develop a ladies club that will host events for golf and dining, create a weekly day of play for you to look forward to and help facilitate the time and place for ladies interested in golf to meet others in hopes of developing a comfortable environment to pursue this great game. Many of you who have played our wonderful course may find some parts to be more than challenging, and this has quelled your desire to come out and play, but don’t give up on us yet. We have recognized the challenges, specifically to our back nine, and are taking the strides toward a more “golf friendly” experience.

  • We will build a new tee on the 12th hole that includes a little shorter hole length along with a better angle to the fairway.
  • In addition to 12 tee box, we will create new drop areas on holes 11 and 14 which will give ladies an option if, unfortunately, their tee shot lands in the water. We know these three holes, in particular, have helped create a negative experience here at Hunter Ranch, and we are hoping when these changes are complete that you will find the experience of getting around our course more enjoyable.

We are aware other holes present unusual challenges to the ladies who may not hit the ball as far as others, and as we move forward, we will address these as well. Presently, you can anticipate the back nine being more friendly with future changes.

The winds of change are beneficial………”Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our direction.”