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Best Rate Guarantee and No Booking Fees

If you haven’t already, you will soon see Hunter Ranch listed on GolfNow and TeeOff by PGA Tour. We refrained from such listings in the past for some very sound business reasons, but we’ve recently negotiated agreements we think will work in our best interests.

Both GolfNow and TeeOff are tee time aggregators. They are particularly useful for people outside our area to find places to play golf when they travel. That is why we think listing on these sites makes sense – golfers use them more as a golf search engine than a place to book a tee time. Why? Because both sites charge a hefty reservation fee to reserve a time. It can be as much as 25% of the value of the tee time.

We think any golfer who pays a fee to reserve a tee time has many better things to do with their money. Knowing a tee time is available, anyone can easily find the course website that has online reservations without a fee, or call the course. This is what most golfers visiting GolfNow and TeeOff do, and we hope our customers are smart enough to do the same, be it local golf or when traveling. 

One more thing – both GolfNow and TeeOff attract golfers by advertising big discounts. Usually, the bigger the discount, the crappier the golf course. That stands to reason, right? Hunter Ranch has on our website home page a Best Rate Guarantee. It is our pledge. We also have No Booking Fees – another pledge. You will never find a lower rate than what is available on our website. Of course, our Players Club members get our lowest rates. That will never change.

To sum it up: Don’t pay reservation fees. Save that money for beer, or a sleeve of Pro V1s. And, come to our website to find a tee time, and the best rate available. Go to GolfNow or TeeOff if you want a low price at a crummy course, or are traveling somewhere and don’t know the golf courses in the area.  

Thanks for reading. We hope we’ve saved you some money.