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A demo day experience

Like you, I am a golf enthusiast. I play golf whenever I can, research the latest and greatest equipment, and share my opinions on what would improve Tiger’s game. It seems like every year, each golf club manufacturer releases a longer driver and easier hitting irons. While these ads blend together throughout the season and over the years, I would like to tell you about a few products that go above and beyond what the advertisements say.

First are the Callaway Chrome-Soft golf balls. Those that play at Hunter Ranch often will attest to me glorifying the performance of these golf balls. After gaining about 10 yards per club and maintaining the right amount of spin, how could I not recommend this golf ball? So if you haven’t already, try a sleeve next time you play!

On June 26th, I attended the TaylorMade demo day hosted at Hunter Ranch. Club manufacturers send their new product to facilities all over the country with specialized club fitters for a day of testing. These club fitters help each golfer find the optimum combination of club head and shaft type to produce the desired shot. While a majority of this testing can be done by a trained eye, most club fitters use a “Trackman” for additional proof. A Trackman is an unbiased portable launch monitor that actually tracks the club head through impact, and the ball during its entire flight. The result is a highly accurate reading of swing speed, ball speed, spin, ect. Anthony, TaylorMade’s fitting representative, uses these numbers to optimize the perfect set of irons for you, and for me. He fit me for a set of new TaylorMade RSI TP irons and the R15 Driver, which were going farther and producing better numbers than my current 5 year old set.

Over the weekend, I thought “there’s no way the clubs can be that much better." But, after doing a little more research online I convinced myself to buy them. I submitted my order Monday morning. Two days later, they were waiting for me when I arrived at the course for work! Since then, I’ve put the new set through my own on course testing. Wow! These clubs are amazing.

Join us July 10th and 17th for Titleist and Callaway demo days, Trackman will be there as well. It might change your game.

Wes Levanduski, PGA
1st Assistant Professional